2. Outline of the company
  3. History


1946,1st April Taihei Shoji Co.Ltd was established as a collateral company of Fujisawa Pharmaceutical Co.Ltd. And started at capital 100,000yen.
1947,September Changed to the company name as Taihei Chemical Industrial Co.,Ltd.
1948,June Merged Nihon Nensei Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd. And started Activated Carbon production as the Gifu Factory.
1948,July Merged Toho Shoji Co.,Ltd.And advanced to Tokyo in earnest as Tokyo branch.
1949,June Took over the Ishikiri Factory of Fujisawa Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd. And made the basis of various phosphate compound productions as the Osaka Factory.
1953,October Corresponded to the increased demand of phosphate compounds and newly founded the Kasugai Factory. And The Gifu Factory was closed in 1957 attendant upon the completion of moving.
1975,March Newly founded the Nara Factory. And closed the Osaka Factory attendant upon the completion of moving.
1991,October Increased capital 19 times, reached capital 459,000,000 yen.